About Us

The Story So Far...

Betty K’s beautifully balanced natural soy candles are inspired by a past generation. 

My earliest memory as a child was the warming smell of Hot Toddy Whiskey coming from my Nan’s kitchen in the early evening. She would always pour a miniature one for me whilst we played cards before bed. The smell of whiskey, honey and lemon became an association with comforting nights by the fire and time to relax.

My Nan always found it difficult to sleep and switch off at night and would often be up all hours of the night filled with restlessness and anxiety. She then discovered drinking a ‘Hot Toddy’ before bed would relax her mind and help her drift into a soothing sleep. She infused the drink with Lemon and Honey which complimented the aroma with citrus and sweet undertones. 

Wanting to recreate this memory, I started experimenting with different essential oils to see if I could create an aroma and quickly discovered my Whiskey and Tobacco fragrance. Adding this to my natural soy wax meant I could light up this memory, creating a relaxing but opulent vibe. I knew I had to share! 

The range has grown from there and now I am making natural soy candles for anyone and everyone to enjoy their space. 




 Passionate to learn about smells and how they benefit our well being, I am constantly experimenting with new combinations to add to the range to target different areas of our mental and physical health. 

The flame and glow were also an important part of the process. Our wicks and flame create romantic and a classic feel for any space. It was important that the look of the candle was not overbearing but adds a subtle elegance to anywhere for any occasion. 

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